Magpie is released!!!

3 Magpies have been released. 3 for the girls

Magpie is the newest typeface by Dalton Maag Ltd. Designed by Vincent Connare

Regular, Italic, and Bold. (a traditional set because bold italic has no function when properly set by typographers, see Chicago Manual of Style).


definition: Typographer: one who sets type.

One Comment on “Magpie is released!!!

  1. I like the looks of Magpie. Interesting about no bold ital—I guess it”s just habit-forming to expect that bold ital makes a type family minimally complete. Yet I cannot recall the lat time a book on which I’ve worked called for it.

    But why I really thought to comment is because I simply wanted to say that, tho’ I haven’t used it in 15 years, since when I got my first Macintosh and tried out all the resident fonts, I appreciate what it must have taken to create something (at the time) new, like Comic Sans. Makes me kind of angry when I read people who will never create anything of such ubiquity bad-mouthing you.

    I’ve actually been on the lookout for a coupla years now, for a book that would lend itself to using Comic Sans. Thought I had it two years back in a children’s book, my first, but on reflection it didn’t quite work with the “toney” air that one had.

    Then, earlier this year, I was contracted to design and lay out a fitness-for-seniors book by a self-publishing author. There are many photos in this book, demonstrating certain weight-training exercises. Additionally, there are a lot of cartoons, expressing the book’s light approach. I used Comic Sans in the cartoons’ dialogue/thought balloons. I believe that has to be at least one of the intended kind of uses for Comic Sans.

    My self-publishing author was quite pleased—still haven’t heard it’s come back from the printer—and while you’re prob’ly professional enough not to let the knuckleheads’ rants bother you, I wanted to tell you somebody does appreciate that particular work of yours. If I’d had more nerve—but then it would likely have become about me and not your creation—I’d have posted this on Typophile.

    Your blog is also a good resource and a good read. I’m adding it to my blogroll to remind myself to give it a read regularly. I iinvite you to take a gander at my blog, in fact, at

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