1-0 : Assosiated Press (US)

Check the Olympian newspaper story instead of the Seattle Times and you’ll get to see what Americans in the midwest do for work and how they decorate their offices.
But, If you hated something would you put it all over your walls and make a career out of it? I guess it goes really well with in a 1970s tacky wood panelled office.

7 Comments on “1-0 : Assosiated Press (US)

  1. Vincent Connare, because a thing is popular does not mean it is good. Comic sans isn’t bad because it’s obviously terrible, it’s bad because it’s artless and generic.

    I’m…I’m sorry that you have to carry this weight on your shoulders.

  2. It’s certainly honorable that you defend the monster that you’ve unleashed upon the world. But it is bad. Really bad. Almost as bad as Papyrus.

  3. Hi. Can I just offer my support. I dislike most uses for Comic Sans but that is because most uses of Comic Sans constitute inappropriate use. The Ban Comic Sans movement says using Comic Sans in serious letters or e-mails is similar to “Turning up to a funeral in a clown suit”. A fair analogy but why blame the Tailor if some idiot decides to wear his clown-suit to a funeral, and why seek to ban all clown suits even when they are being worn in Circuses? What are the Clowns going to do then?

    Blaming a font designer for the misuse of a font is as mindless as using a cartoon font for a serious use. The font did what it was designed for. Is it Vincent’s fault that other people use it inappropriately? As a font designer myself (but with no work as yet released) I think it cruel and childish to rail against the font’s creator in this way. Anyone who’s seen the beautiful Magpie font (which I saw thanks to an interview I read which also linked to this blog – amazing where the internet can take you) cannot deny that this man is a consummate designer.

  4. Incidentally. How would I get hold of Magpie? I think it’s property of Microsoft. Would they sell it separately or would I have to buy a product that included it?

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