Sunshine, opens April 5th (UK)

We went to see the first ‘premier’ (as the producer Andrew MacDonald called it in his intro at the screening), of Sunshine by Danny Boyle. This was our second viewing of the movie since we saw it at a press showing at Fox’s offices in Soho London. There was a packed house of close to the max 1330 seats at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square on Sunday 18 March 2007.

When you see it see it on the big screen with the THX sound and sit close. It was projected Digitally and it was brilliant, and the sound is fantastic.

Sorry America, you’ll have to wait probably till September for the film because the Hollywood Mafia says no to the April release. Most parts of the world will see a release in April though so if you are close to Mexico you can go south of the border. But the girls over at the Sunshine Fans site have a petition for an earlier release… go check it out.
Here is your challenge…. In the film there is a photo the crew of the Icarus I on the wall of the Icarus II. When you first see this photo you can see one of the crew members is holding a ‘HI MOM’ or ‘MUM’ sign, they are on our left of the photo. This could be Comic Sans so look for it.

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