Spring 2007

We have begun spring training in Great Britain for the 2007 season, we are in our 7th week. This is me hitting a double off Aeden Mcqueary Ennis, a 19yr old who is now at Georgia State.

Great Britain won 4-2. I scored both runs!!! I was 44yrs old and Aeden was 19 and he threw 93mph and I was his coach too since he played for the Richmond Flames in the League as well as the GB team.

2 Comments on “Spring 2007

  1. Nice Hit, I played for the flames last year. It was the best experience I had playing baseball. I will never forget the friendships I made during season. I hope they will be able to defeat croydon again in the finals. I wish I was back in london playing for the flames but with me being in the military I am obligated 142 more days of active service. Take it easy Vince and give the flames my best on winning it all and tell cody not too worry so much they will do fine in the playoffs lol

    Edward Tucker
    FLAMES MVP 2006

  2. Ok I’ll give your regards to Flames and club. Thanks for commenting and keeping in touch. p.s. the schedule is a mess since it’s been mostly National vs Premiership this season… so games are 10-0 or more. All the best to you and hope to see you soon if your back in the UK or USA..

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