I’ve successfully loaded Vista on my MacBook Pro and have installed the Zune software.

Did a 50/50 partition on the drive so I have about 56/57 gig available to OS-X and Vista.

So far so good. Only some hickups with the Mac drivers for Vista, the sound has stopped working, but in fairness they were made for XP so we’ll see if they upgrade them.

Many of the issues are Vista related. Things so far that don’t work in Vista are:

– Netgear WG511v1 wireless card (for other PC ) is unsupported/doesn’t work. (update) I installed Vista on my Alienware since I had to put XP on the MacBook. I bought a new Netgear wireless card that said it was Vista supported…. It worked with XP but when I installed the upgrade it refused to connect to the wireless modem using WPA. So I used the Netgear WG511v1 and WOW it worked! so who knows. Vista is a bit WOW what do I do now?

– SSH Client 3.2.9 non-commercial from must upgrade.

– Microsoft Visual Studio .net v2003 is unsupported and install on Vista.

– FontLab 4.6 not sure but doesn’t install 5.0.2 is fine.

Seems the Mac support Drivers for XP all worked fine but this is what they do on Vista:

– Apple Keyboard works and installs an icon into the task bar, the Apple/Cmd key is the Windows key.

– The iSight camera doesn’t seem to work

– Startup disk icon in Control Panel doesn’t work. (on restart hold the -alt key to select boot drive)

– The Bluetooth loads but on some restarts needs to reinstall. So it seems unstable.

– Sound doesn’t work.

– The backlit keyboard doesn’t work but this is known since it isn’t supported by the Mac support drivers.

-Absence of a delete key is problematic but the right mouse button on an external mouse solves this. Sometimes you can use ‘cmd+backspace’ or ‘backspace’ to delete like on the Mac but in Outlook 2007 this doesn’t work.

– Haven’t found how to do a screen grab (alt+printscreen) but Vista has a neat new tool called ‘ Snipping Tool’ in Accessories that lets you do full and custom screen grabs, then loads the file into an editor. (update) Screen grabs need an Apple extended keyboard to work but on a MacBook it’s not supported. The Delete is either fn key + backspace or just backspace.

The only problem i find in general with the MacBook Pro is the new Apple power cable. It’s gimmicky and uses a magnet to hold it in place (it’s the little white cable sticking out of the left side of the MacBook in the image above. This makes it vulnerable to being knocked out. I have knocked it out 3 times in 2 days and the 3 time the battery died and the screen went black unexpectingly. After reinserting the power Vista resumed in it’s sleep mode. So no real problem but why do Apple always feel the need to make custom plugs and cables that aren’t compatible with anything?

Now I have deleted Vista from the Mac and repartitioned the drive and installed WinXP. And all is well.

I put Vista on my Alienware Area-51m 766 and upgraded from XP. The drivers seem ok, except the NVIDIA GeForce FX5700 graphic drivers doesn’t work AT ALL, so the high end screen is reduced on a 15.4 wide-screen display (native resolution 1680 x 1050) to about 1024 x 768 and uses the generic VGA driver… bugger. Alienware said ‘we don’t support the upgrades you need to contact Microsoft for an update!!!!) bastards!!! Alienware support are shit. They have been since day one.. when I had a problem with BSOD every time on boot-up and right out of the box.

Microsoft Office 2007 is also very different.

– MS Outlook needs Internet Explorer to be the default browser or you can’t click on links in emails and go to the website. If Firefox is the default browser email links won’t work.

– MS Outlook by default turns off images in emails (for security reasons). You can approve images from specific trusted emails or turn this feature off completely.

Looks like there are also issues using ‘virtualization’ programs like Parallels software that let you use 2 or more OS systems. CNN reports on Vista and virtualization apps

One Comment on “WOW!

  1. I’ve found that MS Visual Studio .net 2003 does work even though it is not officially supported but there are a few bugs related to new services. Vista warns that the application has known issues and a dialog points you to the Microsoft Vista and Studio MSDN site.

    I’ve put Vista Ultimate on my MacBook Pro with Parallels and have had only minor hiccups that are often to do with the graphics and refresh. It runs slightly slow in this virtual world but it’s light years ahead of the 1999 Virtual PC software.

    I can verify that FontLab 4.06 does not install properly on Vista. FontLab 5.02 installs fine.

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