Wow! NO! more like ‘Oh shit!!’

Vista is here! ‘Oh Shit’ so much for Wow.

I’ve had a few hick-ups installing the upgrade on my Alien but he’s going to be sent back to his home planet and get replaced by a Mac Book Pro, yes a Mac… and I’ll put Vista on that. In the meantime here’s some Fidgets… from my first install of Vista… oh they call them Gadgets, and Apple calls them Widgets but I prefer Fidgets, Fridgettes or Fidgettes.

notcomic warning

The long one was the first set of Fidgettes but I found two cool ones, one is for the Risk Level (I don’t know who set’s that probably that retard in the WhiteHouse) but the other is a cool Muslum Prayer clock that calls you to prayer with a nice mp3 file that lasts a good minute or so. It is similar to the prayer clocks they sell in the Middle East. We have 2 in our house one is Green and the other White. This Prayer Fidgette is the no. 1 on the MS Fidgette download list. I remember in our group at Microsoft we converted an office into a prayer room and this clock would have been very useful for the men in the group.

On a historical note, these Fidgettes have been around quite awhile since back in 1993 I remember seeing many Microsoft employees with stock tickers that floated over their Windows 3.1 screen and it showed the current Microsoft and other stock prices.

Oh and that’s my new brown Zune! in the Flickr gallery. (or it’s in the flickr stream if this is read later). The Zune doesn’t work with the Mac OS but I’m sure it will work with the Mac Book Pro with BootCamp and Vista on it. Then I can add both my Ipod in one USB and my Zune in the other. The pictures are much better for viewing, the screen is bright and it is scratch resistant unlike my Ipod Photo with it’s little screen which is rubbish for photo viewing.

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