Madge 1982, at Danceteria (NYC) I was there.

Madonna singing her first song (lipsinked) ‘Everybody’ at Danceteria NYC 1982 at Haoui Montaug’s ‘No Entiendes’ .. I was a regular and I was there for this FIRST show ever and her second one which was later with two dancers and more songs. She was a regular at the club and I remember her before I knew she was that Madonna.

Madonna had another show at the Funhouse, Roxy and Garage then she went famous and orginally declined to be involved with the Live Aid show because she was quoted as saying ‘I still have to pay rent’.

See some still photos on flickr. (flickr Danceteria Group members only… join to view them.)
Photographs of Madonna at Danceteria and the Garage by Charlene Martinez.

There are some stories of bad Madge in her 20’s on my flickr photo..

Amy Arbus book with Mad Madge

See more at No Entiendes.

5 Comments on “Madge 1982, at Danceteria (NYC) I was there.

  1. Wow, what a blast from the past. From one regular to another, I always thought that song was too long! I never understood why she used those guys there were much better dancers at Danceteria. Did you get my email?

  2. Terry what was your disco single called before you sold the name/to Terry Desario? I remember we found it in the juke box in the gay bar in Brooklyn Heights that Marjian dragged us in a few times. Have you ever heard from Kathy from Queens or anyone else?

  3. Woah…this is SO COOL. Thanks for posting this…I’m way younger than you–I was 4 when this happened!–and didn’t discover Madonna till the Like a Virgin era. Always wished I had been old enough to know about Madonna at the VERY BEGINNING, so this was REALLY cool to see! One comment though–she’s not lip-syncing! There are some very obvious pitch problems in there that speak of its authenticity! (As usual when she sing lives, bless her heart). Thanks again!

  4. I saw her show at the Roxy (I was a big roller boy at that point). She did Lucky Star and one other song which I forget (Physical Attraction? Everybody?). Roxy was its usual mob scene that night so I could barely see her from the bleachers. My friends and I were like “who the hell is Madonna?”

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