One Laptop Per Child: Initiative

Sugar OS

Shown above is the Linux based ‘Sugar’ software emulation running on a Mac OS-X
; using the internet browser.

General: ‘One Laptop Per Child’ is a process to deliver a computer to areas of the world for about $100.

The Operating system is called ‘Sugar’ and it is an Open Source project using Linux and other Open Source software like the AbiWord word processor.

The image above is the operating system running in VMWare Fusion system emulator under the Mac OS-X. The system is operated by a ‘frame’ that automajically hides when the cursor is inside of the frame (and appears when the cursor is to the outside). This is similar to the way the system menu ‘auto hides’ in Windows (what MS internally called the ‘tray’ or’ task bar’) and how it later was done on the Mac.
First issue I noticed is the browser is minimal and would not have such things as pluggins common in today’s webpages, like Flash players.

After downloading the OLPC emulation software for the XO ‘One Laptop Per Child’ OS. I noticed in the emulation the icons don’t have labels.

When I was at Microsoft the UI team and the industry as a whole believe that people read both the icon and the IMAGE of the labels. Meaning they don’t necessarily read the label’s words but the words are helpful to the recall of the icon’s task.

I could prove that theory by knowing I have used Polish Windows and other languages that I do not know a single word from and found the icons were clear when you had been using one language consistently, but when changed or removed the labels they were not obvious.

Other things I found obvious (in the emulation) was that the browser will have problems because it may not have plug-ins installed. This could be corrected but the computer and it’s software are Open Source and the plug-ins are commercial software (ie. companies that want to get paid for their work). And there is no real system font even though I suspect there will be a few for writing or chats.. Hmmm what will those be?

So will this be one poor laptop for one poor child? I’m sure they could do better by showing people how to rebuild all those millions of computer cases into current barebones like computers. And since this has a DC power system and a wind-up recharger it’s made so it can be used without electricity. If there isn’t electricity I’d imagine the last thing the child needs is a computer.

You know like they do with all those one year old mobile phones that you throw/turn in for your yearly free upgrade.

more informations: google… ‘One Laptop per Child’ or ‘$100 computer’
Link to download for the Mac

3 Comments on “One Laptop Per Child: Initiative

  1. Dear Vinnie,

    I am interested in your One Laptop for Child program.I would like to learn more. I think we met many years ago at NY Tech. I believe I have one of your paintings the Man in the diner. Which if it was you was given to me as a wedding present in the 80’s. Get in touch. I am a professional fundraiser here in NYC and think I have some outlets where this computer project would work well.


  2. Yes, that’s me. Now Terry Cooper! Wow!! This is cool! Thanks, for the website. I have a couple of children’s foundations that may be able to benefit from this program. Get in touch, email me. I’d like to catch up. All is well, happily married etc.


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