Take That Live on ITV

Take That live

An intimate, invite only audience of ~500 people at ITV studios in London saw Take That perform their first live TV gig. A big UK TV celeb turnout, Coleen McLoughlin was best dressed (Wayne Rooney’s girl friend), David Seaman, England manager Steve McClaren, Louise Rednap, Theo Walcott poor Theo we thought he was the gay footballer in ITV’s Footballers Wives…haha, Peter Kay , mostly everyone from Corination Street, a few from Eastenders, John Barrowman , Colin and Justin, Rachel Stevens (is real short), Claire Sweeney (looked great), most of the Bad Girls (Sid ‘Rickie’ Owen was there) and Footballers Wives cast (Zoe Lucker with a nice brown bob was there). Mel C, Al Murray, and many more. Al Murray thanked Take That for all the men in the UK for ‘pumping the tyres up’. Pap shots of many are here.

a great show and the dancers showed a bit of their Britney Spears.

But where was Vanessa Feltz?? She’s got a new show coming to ITV!

ITV Studios uses Trebuchet for its signage, so that’s what I told people when they asked what do I do for a living/why am I here.

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